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GRAND CANYON by Jet Helicopter

"The Grand Canyon Explorer"
Take off from fabulous Las Vegas to view the world-famous Hoover Dam, built in 1935. Fly over Fortification Hill, a real extinct volcano, and see the layers of lava. You'll see both the upper an lower basin of Lake Mead, the largest man-made lake in North America. You will then enter the mount of the Grand Canyon's west rim, one of the "seven wonders of the world." See what took nature millions of years to create. View the sheep, rugged canyon walls in all its magnificent splendor. Fly lower and slower at canyon rim level. Take in all the awesome beauty of the majestic Grand Canyon, truly a sight to behold. Please allow two hours for this tour

Grand Canyon by Jet Helicopter!

"The Deluxe Flight" - Most Popular
Immerse yourself in the majesty of the Grand Canyon from a unique and thrilling perspective. Millions of years in the making, over four million people visit the Grand Canyon every year, but few experience its awesome grander and ever-changing vistas quite like this. Our pilots act as your tour guides, providing you with the history and legend of the Canyon. See more of the Grand Canyon. Fly further up the Colorado River, a must see! You don't want to miss the "Deluxe" Grand Canyon Flight!


"Our Very Best" - A continuous aerial journey by luxurious jet helicopter."
For those who want more of the Grand Canyon. This journey includes all the above, plus takes you further into the throat of the Grand Canyon for an extended view. Nowhere else can you see seven different canyons merging together, with pie-shaped cliffs rising thousands of feet above the Colorado River. View the world-famous formations of rocks, shaped like European "Bell Rowers". A must see on your Grand Canyon journey. Upon completion, you'll receive a complimentary bottle of champagne and a free souvenir photo. Turn the myth of the Grand Canyon into a sensational reality today!


Experience Las Vegas among the stars by Jet Helicopter. Fly over the sea of colored lights and excitement that is Las Vegas at Night! See the Strip the way it was meant to be seen!